Luxury Soaps

Luxury Soaps
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Toria has blended all her Chemistry, Aromatherapy and Herbal knowledge with her fevered imagination to formulate some really exceptional soaps. Any one of the soaps in this section would make a lovely gift, even for yourself – because as the advert says – you’re worth it with Herbal Body & Hair Products!

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Ashdown Forest

Part of the Sussex series of extra special soaps, this was inspired by a walk amongst the oak trees in late summer. The olive oil soap base is enhanced with skin regenerating oils to nourish and moisturise. The essential oils give a glorious, relaxing woody scent

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No chocolate was harmed in the making of this glorious soap even though it smells like a famous orange chocolate confection. The base soap is a rich creamy moisturising blend of olive and coconut oils enhanced with cocao butter and skin regenerating carrot oil, all organic, of course. The scent is a seductive blend of sensuous Sandalwood and sparkling Orange organic essential oils with a touch of exotic spice – utterly irresistable. The final bar is decorated with a swirl of cocao powder – the icing on the cake. This is a lovely bar for the bath or shower as the scent is released and enhanced by hot water.

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Cuckmere Haven

One of the Sussex Series of very special luxury soaps, this one was was inspired by a walk over the Downs at Cuckmere on the Sussex Coast on a hot spring day. A rich olive oil soap enriched with hemp seed oil and healing comfrey, scented and decorated with seaweed, Lavender, Rosemary, Hyssop and Wild Thyme. Gentleman seem to like this intensely herby yet fresh combination og glycerin soap.


Wow – this soap is magnificent (if soap can be such a thing!). Damask is a rich, organic, moisturising soap enhanced with cocao and shea butters and super skin enhancing Rosehip oil. It is then scented with Rose Geranium and ultra luxurious pure Rose oil, said to be the ultimate aphrodesiac! We don’t know about that, but we can confirm this soap smells glorious – a real English Rose.Damask is a plain, unadorned 85g bar of soapy gorgeousness.


One of the luxurious Sussex series. A lovely, rich olive oil soap with a resinous scent. Juniper is strongly detoxifying and with the Pine and Lemon this is a great combination for aching joints, overstretched muscles or for just ‘perking you up’.

Lush Green

molton brown ultra pure milk soap








Inspired by a summer holiday in Southern France, this soap has a sophisticated yet flowery scent with a subtle touch of spice – similar to Bohemia, but a little sweeter. A glorious soap, mild enough for facial use.

The pale blue colour comes from the addition of Woad – a plant dye of the indigo (denim jeans fame) family that has historical associations with ancient Britons but has long been part of French culture as well. The French name for Woad is Pastel – and that is where we got the word from to mean pale, washed out (sun bleached) colours.

Sussex Spa

One of the Sussex Series of really special soaps.This one inspired by a trip in a racing dinghy across Pevensey Bay on a bracing early summer day. This lightly lemony bar is enriched with castor and Sweet Almond oils to moisturise the skin and provide a rich fluffy lather. The blend of essential oils, cool citrus with a hint of spice, will leave you calm and refreshed. The bar is decorated with swirls of ground spices (ginger and cinnamon) to look like swirls of sand in tidepools…

Arabian Nights

This gorgeous soap has been scented with the same blend of luxurious Ylang-ylang and Rose essential oils as our famous Arabian Nights hand cream and highlighted with gentle swirls of pale lavender colour– a sensational combination.A rich olive oil soap formula with cocao and shea butters for deep cleansing & moisturising.

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