Is Liquid Hand Soap The Best Option For Your Skin?

Is Liquid Hand Soap The Best Option For Your Skin?
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When I was young, liquid hand soap was more popular in our home than bar soaps and whenever I Liquid Hand asked mum why she prefers liquid hand soap, the answer was they are not very convenient. However, I believe that there are plenty of reasons why most people prefer liquid hand soaps. In this article I going to compare liquid hand soap and bar soaps and find out which one is best for your skin.

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To determine whether a product is good for the skin or not, the chemical composition of the product is the first factor to consider. You may be using liquid hand soap but have you ever tried to find out what ingredients are used to make the soap and whether the soap is good for your skin? I am pretty sure the answer is “No”.

Most people do not check the ingredients used to make a particular product and risk damaging the skin.  Most bar soaps uses harsh cleansing agents that have a high ph value and can cause skin irritation. However, liquid hand soaps are gentle on the skin than most bar soaps. This is because they are with mild surfactants that do not disturb the skin’s protective layer, and is capable of retaining about 40% of the skin’s natural moisture. This is great news for people who have dry and sensitive skin.

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Another reason why most people prefer liquid had soap is the packaging. Most bar soaps are like to be a playground for bacteria since they are usually exposed especially after opening one. They can therefore help to spread infections especially in cases where they are used with more than one person or when they are not allowed to dry properly. Liquid hand soap on the other hand come in a bottle which makes it had for any bacteria to find their way inside the bottle and as such prevents the invasion of the soap which might later cause skin infections.

Having considered the above factors, I can easily say that liquid hand soaps are the best option for your skin. The ingredients used to make the liquid soaps are gentle on the skin, making it the best option compared to other types of soaps.


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