Hand Made Soaps

Hand Made Soaps
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Toria loves Herbal Body & Hair Products with Organic Hand Made Cold-Process soap – so much so that we have to hold her back – or there would be 100’s of different varieties on the store! Cold Process soap is made with organic and cold pressed vegetable oils, gently turned into soap without the application of additional heat – this keeps all the natural goodness in the oils and herbal extracts. The process also retains all the natural glycerine in the oils which attracts and seals moisture into the skin.

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If you’ve never tried a cold process (non-commercial) soap before, give one a whirl – you skin will thank-you. If you have tried a cold process soap, then you’ll know what we’re talking about – so have a browse through Toria’s latest offerings to see if one (or a few!) takes your fancy.

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Bumper Bundle Soap Boxes

Selections of a dozen of our lovely luscious hand made soaps. These will change from time to time, depending on our stocks, so do keep checking the selections.

Soap Box 1

This selection contains the Sussex series of soaps – Friston, Sussex Spa, Cuckmere Haven, Ashdown Fo..

Simple Soaps

As the name says – some very simple soaps with no coconut oil and minimal essential oils – and entirely organic, of course

handmade soaps near me






Simple Soap Combination

Choose any combination of three Simple Soaps and only pay £5.00 – just choose from the selection abo..

Baby Soap

A simple little soap to gently cleanse and nourish a baby’s delicate skin. Coconut oil free formula ..


Castile is the purest, simplest soap possible – it contains saponified organic olive oil and filtere..

Rich Castile

Rich Castile is an unscented olive oil soap with added Shea and Cocao butters – all organic, of cour..

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