Guide on Choosing the Best Bath Towels

Guide on Choosing the Best Bath Towels
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Buying the right bath towels may be a little bit touchy especially if you don’t have an idea on how to choose the right towels. You may feel you need to have a soft and luxurious towel but how to tell the difference between high quality towels and low quality towels may be a difficult task for you. Before you throw your money on towels, take some time and go through this guide that will help you choose the right towels. I have gathered and grouped everything you need to know when choosing your bath towels.

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Determine the size

Bath towels come in different sizes that you may need to consider before buying. Usually, a standard towel for drying off after bath measures about 27’’ by 52’’. There are also those known as bath sheets. Baths sheets are large in size and offers more coverage, hence you can fully wrap yourself.

Check the weight

Bath towels density are measured in grams per square meter (gsm) and the number may vary from 300-900 with 900 being the heaviest. Bath towels with a density of about 400 to 600 gsm are medium weight towels that are ideal for everyday bath towels or be used to dry the body when at the beach. This is because they are light and can dry very fast. When choosing towels, go for the medium weight that can dry very fast.

Check on the cotton

Bath towels are usually made of standard cotton though the cotton may vary depending on the country of origin. Towels made from Turkish cotton have long fibers, making them last longer.

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They also have long and dense loops of thread that enable it to absorb more moisture and trap warmth compared to other towels. Turkish towels are very popular in most hotels and spas due to their heavy and durable nature.

Pick Combed or Ring-spun Constructed Towels

Towels made with combed cotton have their fibers combed to remove shorter threads and some debris, only leaving the longest and strongest threads to be woven into the bath towels. This helps to prevent piling and ensures durability. Ring spun cotton o the other hand is twisted to create smooth and fine yarn with large thread loops to absorb moisture.

Bath towels can add to the good looking of your bathroom, so consider choosing a fun accent color or pattern. You can also stock your bathroom cabinet with towels of different colors based on the season. For instance, you can stock bright beachy colors in spring or summer and cool colors in winter or fall. However, fluffy white towels are timeless and can work with any setting or style.

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