Fun & Functional Soaps

Fun & Functional Soaps
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Our Herbalist and Chemist, Toria has had great fun creating these soaps. They are all made with certified organic olive,coconut oils and other vegetable oils, herbal extracts and pure essential oils. Each soap has been carefully designed to look good, smell great, and many have a particular useful function. Of course you don’t need to take advantage of the function – you can just enjoy the creamy, non drying lather and great scent of you favourite soap of Herbal Body & Hair Products.

preparation of soap project







Save 15%. Choose any two soaps from the selection above and pay only £5.00 Obviously if..


A delicious little organic vegetable soap with all sorts of uses. The soap is a simple,light, cleans..

Herbal Body & Hair Products

Those annoying, itchy, biting insects like mozzies & midges are said not to like the smell of le..


A super little soap for gardener’s and others who might get their hands dirty! Oatmeal gently exfoli..


A light, fresh, flowery soap designed for sensitive skins. The soap combines extracts of Marsh ..

Mega Mint

Lots of lovely juicy, minty gorgeousness. If you like the smell of mint, you’ll love this soap. Pepp..

Mocha Mint

Mocha Mint is the perfect soap for the enthusiastic cook. A gloriuosly rich lathering deodo..

Orange Spice

A stimulating blend of refreshing orange and warming cinnamon in a moisturising organic soap base Castile.

Peppermint Foot Soap

Dull name but a surprising soap. Peppermint Foot Soap is a rich olive oil, cocoa & shea butter s..

soaps and detergents chemistry project








A cleansing blend of diuretic fennel and detoxifying citrus oils in a rich castile soap base. T..

Sunshine Super Soap

Sunflower and Coconut oils enriched with Shea butters for a rich, dense, fluffy lather. A simple soa..

Turkish Delight

This gorgeous little cake smells divine and is rich and moisturising enough to use as a facial soap…

Salad Days

Soap Base:saponified oils of *Olive, *Coconut, *Avacado oil,

Other Ingredients: Mustard Seeds, *Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, *Lavender, *Rosemary, *Lemon, *Citronella

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