Category: Body Wash

Category: Body Wash

How Exercises Helps Your Skin Glows
July 21, 2018 Acne,Body Wash,Exercises,Skin Care torpadmn

What most us fail to understand is that regular exercising can help our skin appear and remain healthier. As an addition to demonstrated skin wellness treatments, you can exercise to prevent your skin from early wrinkles, acne ailment, dull skin, blackheads, pimples and much more. A newly conducted research showed that regular exercise could even

How to Choose the Best Acne Body Wash
Image May 15, 2018 Acne,Body Wash,Skin Care,Skin Care Products torpadmn

Acne is a common condition on the skin that affects people of all ages and can be very disturbing if not treated at the right time. Acne can appear anywhere on the body including arms, back, shoulders, face, or even legs. Your choice of clothing may be the reason why acne flares up on your

The Importance of Body Scrub
Image May 3, 2018 Body Wash,Skin Care,Skin Care Products torpadmn

In simple terms, a body scrub can be defined as a skin care product who main function is to remove dead cells from the skin through exfoliation as well as cleansing the skin and increase blood circulation in the body. Body scrub is sometimes referred as body polish or body gloss. The exfoliating component in

Is Liquid Hand Soap The Best Option For Your Skin?
April 17, 2018 Body Wash,Liquid Soap,Skin Care torpadmn

When I was young, liquid hand soap was more popular in our home than bar soaps and whenever I Liquid Hand asked mum why she prefers liquid hand soap, the answer was they are not very convenient. However, I believe that there are plenty of reasons why most people prefer liquid hand soaps. In this

Luxury Soaps
April 11, 2018 Body Wash,Herbal Products,Skin Care,Skin Care Products torpadmn

Toria has blended all her Chemistry, Aromatherapy and Herbal knowledge with her fevered imagination to formulate some really exceptional soaps. Any one of the soaps in this section would make a lovely gift, even for yourself – because as the advert says – you’re worth it with Herbal Body & Hair Products!      

Premium Soaps
April 6, 2018 Body Wash,Herbal Products,Skin Care,Skin Care Products torpadmn

A premium collection of functional soaps with slightly richer formulas or more luxurious essential oils than the Fun & Functional soaps Рabsolutely gorgeous of our Herbal Body & Hair Products. Herbal Body & Hair Products Save 6% and choose any two soaps from the selection above and pay just £7.50. Obviously if you only tick

Hand Made Soaps
April 5, 2018 Body Wash,Herbal Products,Skin Care torpadmn

Toria loves Herbal Body & Hair Products with Organic Hand Made Cold-Process soap – so much so that we have to hold her back – or there would be 100’s of different varieties on the store! Cold Process soap is made with organic and cold pressed vegetable oils, gently turned into soap without the application